Welcome to the Ecovillage!

Back in 2009, an organisation called Lammas Low Impact Initiatives was successful in receiving planning permission for 9 Low Impact Eco-smallholdings, here in the Preseli Hills of Pembrokeshire. The newly minted Eco-village was named Tir-y-Gafel – ‘Land of the Gafel’  – but over the years it has become more commonly known as ‘The Lammas Eco-village’.

(if you are looking for the Lammas Low Impact Initiatives website, please go here….)

Since 2009, things have moved on. One Planet Development has been made part of the planning policy throughout Wales, so now there are 13 more smallholdings where people are now busy building their own low impact life here in Wales. And locally, several of these are directly adjacent to Tir-y-Gafel. This includes the ‘Eco-hamlet’ of Clawdd-du, which also received permission through Lammas Low Impact Initiatives.

So now a few of the Tir-y-Gafel residents would like to offer this website as a more people centred way of getting directly get in touch with our Eco-village community. Not all of the residents have decided to be on this site, but for those who have, we have our own page with images of our smallholdings so you can see more about our personal approach to creating low impact buildings and developing our livelihoods.
You will also find a page about tours of our smallholdings, and courses, and whether we are open to accepting volunteers – so you can come and get your hands dirty too!
We are also offering our One Planet neighbours the opportunity to benefit from this website, as their work is just as important as ours.  They form an intrinsic part of the eco village, after all. So you will also find information here about Caz & Joe’s place, and Rob & Ruth’s, both OPD neighbours.

We are a very diverse group of people, and have differing perspectives on why we are choosing this lifestyle, and what it means. We have tried to include as much as we can about ourselves on this site, so have a look around, and get in touch if you would like to.

If you would like general advice or information about One Planet Development, we suggest trying the One Planet Council website as you first port of call.