Date Description Course facilitated by
April 7th Upcycle Waistcoats with Wenchwear Hoppi Wimbush
April 9th – 15th Eco-Pod Course Cassandra Lishman
April 21st Off-grid Power Systems with Bobby Bazelgette Hoppi Wimbush
April 28th Leaping Hare Sculpture – FULLY BOOKED  Cassandra Lishman
May 28th-June 3rd  Eco-Pod Course Cassandra Lishman
June 25th – July 2nd  Eco-Pod Course Cassandra Lishman
July 7th Mindfulness and Wellbeing Hoppi Wimbush
July 8th Mandala Mantra and Meditations with nature Hoppi Wimbush
July 14th Heron Sculpture  Cassandra Lishman
July 22nd 2-5pm  Lammas Community Hub Summer Fair  contact for more info
July 25th – 29th 2018  One Planet Living Hoppi Wimbush
July 30th – August 3rd Cob Building Course Cassandra Lishman
August 5th Harvest Basket  Cassandra Lishman
August 17th – 20th Lammas Family Adventure Camp Melissa Holloway
August 10th Conscious Parenting Naturally Hoppi Wimbush
August 10th – 12th Back to Nature Healing Camp for kids Hoppi Wimbush
October 13th Pod Frame Basket  Cassandra Lishman
October 18th – 21st   Practical Spirituality and Wellness Hoppi Wimbush
November 10th Living Willow Chair  Cassandra Lishman
December 8th   Willow Angel Sculpture  Cassandra Lishman
December 16th 1-4pm  Lammas Community Hub Winter Fair contact for more info