Tao & Hoppi’s Place ‘Maes Melangell’

Maes Melangell is an eco-smallholding plot located at the heart of the Lammas Ecovillage in Wales, UK. The 7 acre plot is actively managed for productivity and biodiversity.

Maes Melangell‘ means ‘Melangell’s place’ in Welsh. Melangell was a Welsh saint associated with protecting the natural world. She is often depicted with a hare.


We are dedicated to creating an abundant and diverse ecology here on the land. Every action taken is conscious in nourishing, cultivating and caring for an abundant, rich, wild landscape that gives rise to a plethora of natural flowers and herbs, alongside a landscape blooming with fruit, nuts, berries and food…

At its heart lies the Lammas Earth Centre, a circular indoor space dedicated to One Planet Healing.This space is currently under construction.

We run a range of guided tours and courses.

Please visit www.lammasearthcentre.co.uk for more details